Attenuator: Upad £26ea

After Mic preamp like a fader attenuation or between outboards.EQ compressors. before Power Amplifier..etcetera.

-1.5,3,6,10,20dB ONLY. line to line

Passive diode Soft clipper: £26ea

to gently massage transient and attenuate a hot preamp or processor onto AD convertor to DAW.

Upad+soft Clipper £45ea :

this can can be combined with the attenuator above.

Attenuator Hpad 600 impedance i/o: £26ea

This attenuator is for before Mic preamp at mic level or after Mic preamp at line level . works only standalone.

-3,5,10,15,20, 25dB dB attenuation H Pad