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For musicians GTR, bass Players, recording engineers, Producers, freelance sound engineers , Boutique audio lovers..

DI box with mojo

MARTIAUDIO Labox - Di Box - Re amp Passive with tone control -UK 2023 copper Aged finish

reasonable price Price 270GBP

like ACME Audio Motown D.I. WB-3 at a fraction of the price with more sound features, way superior to Radial JDI.

The Ultimate Gorgeous sounding Instrument DI  - Re- Amp.
LaBox is based around a custom made transformer - the Magic.
With Exclusive passive Tone control with standard dial - soft “Motown” baritone dial - UNIQUE dial that sounds like a VINTAGE amp simulation
Ampeg like.



As Reamp box,  from line out reversed XLR to High impedance Gtr/Bass amp or Pedal board with knob control.

Di box with mojo and magic


Dibox with carnhill transformers 370GBP  superior Passive DI box

features inputs/thru , mono link, 3 positions ground lift, mic level XLR Male

Note: can be used as dual mono.

superior to Radial JDI

Di box versatile pristine sound
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