DiBox_ReAmP shop2.jpg

LaBox Studio

Ultimate Gorgeous sounding Dibox or Reamp

instrument passive dibox

re-amp in reverse

featuring custom made transformer

Exclusive passive tone control


£225 MSRP with re-amp Level control

Can be Active DiBox if used in conjunction with Martiaudio Inline Mic Booster.

XLR Male and XLR female for both Mic level DI or re-amp line level.

3 Positions Ground lift


LaBox Live

Ultimate Gorgeous sounding Dibox & Reamp

£205 MSRP

Only with XLR male mic level outout and no Re-amp Level control. Basically presented like a DI box.

Passive converter BOX:

Converting Unbalanced High Impedance - Voltage / Low Current


Balanced Low Impedance - Voltage / High Current 

With earth Ground separation - Isolation

Above 10:1 ratio, Usable in Reverse.


Dibox with carnhill transformers £305 MSRP  superior Passive DI box

features inputs/thru , mono link, 3 positions ground lift, mic level XLR Male

Note: can be used as dual mono.