Current Mobile equipment list :


Lunchbox 500 style:

  • 2 Classic API 2 stages V28 500 series 2x DOA GAR2520

  • 1ch combi Rupert Neve 517 Mic and DI preamp with Vari Phase and opto compressor.

  • Rupert Neve 535 Compressor to come

  • Pultec EQ clone GAR2520

  • JLM vuppm to come

  • 2ch Tilt EQ and Opto limiter MARTIAUDIO design melcor 1731 voiced

  • 1 Interface everything!  REAMP + INST. INPUT Fet+2520 line preamp created by MARTIAUDIO

  • 2ch Elysia Xpressor 500 comp/limiter discrete classA

  • 2ch Elysia Xfilter 500 4bands EQ discrete classA

  • High Grade EXT. POWER SUPPLY 3A for 500Style.



  • 3 I.Loud monitors

  • 2 Kali Audio LP6 to come

  • 2 Genelec DS8020a

  • OLLO Audio - SennHD590 - Audese Sine-Senn.IE80 - klipsch - beyer isolation headphones

  • Stereo HIFI custom Loudspeakers with pushpull Triode KT77 amp.


Microphone locker:

  • tube mic MA47, U47 Replica tube mic Cardioid-Omni

  • tube mic MA67, U67 Replica tube mic COF8 peluso capsule

  • tube mic MA1247, C12 style tube mic with K47 capsule voicing CO

  • Fet mic voicing U47 Studio Project B1 transformeless with K47 capsule C

  • 2x C1284Fet C O pad. a C12 capsule with T84 Fet. beautiful!

  • 3 Fet pencil mic Vintage AKG C451e serviced- 2x matched pairs octava MK012 Mod. C

  • Fet mic Oktava MK219 Vintage mod. condenser

  • Electret mic Gauge12 Green C

  • 2 Audix Micro-D clip on Drum/Perc. condenser HyperCardio.

  • Ribbon mic 60’s Tannoy Brass Barrel modified to stereo Blumlein pair 2x F8

  • 4 Ribbon mic 60’s Tannoy cardioid brass- Highly modified apex 205 - 60’s B&O fen-Tone 

  • 8 Dynamic mic  Rode M1( brilliant mic! ) - Heil Sound PR22 - senn e606 - EV nd68 drum mic - EV nd76

  • 3 Dynamic mic shure SM58 - SM57 vintage Unidyne iii- Beyerdynamic M88N(C) vintage

  • 3 AT Pro 035 & Pro 7a

  • 2 boundary condenser AT849 

  • In-Line XLR Booster Barrel Pre-Preamp for Passive Mic Martiaudio


Mic Preamps:

  • Martiaudio Altec 1566A clone Tube Mic and DI preamp

  • 2 Quadeight ca137 mic and line level.

  • 2 Raindirk Mic and line preamp ch.strip refurbished

  • 2 PM1000 ch.strip with extended inductive EQ Carnhill and Tamura xformers created by Martiaudio

  • 2 312 API :2520 and melcor1731 Cinemag and Mc Curdy vintage xformers

  • Germanium Philips EL3660 vintage

  • 2ch  AML EZ1073 best 1073 clone!!!


Other Outboards:

  • Pheadrus Audio Phamulus VariMu, Altec 436C/Abbey Road EMI RS124 style

  • ADR compex F760x FET compressor limiter expender/gate

  • 2ch Graphic EQ1112, 11bands inspired from Electrodyne - Quadeight - Motown all Passive created by Martiaudio

  • Tube Opto limiter: levelar Art highly modified used with active TAB faders balance i/o

  • Cali 1176 compact Stompbox FET limiter with HPF and Dry/Wet mix

  • Martiaudio Compulator Opto Compressor stompbox with extended functions

  • 2 FMR RNC mod. with Neumann W444sta Active Fader Balanced i/o amp. and Persons eq Sidechain i/o

  • Martiaudio DualGlass tube dual preamp with Ampeg and Fender tonestack

  • Full guitars/bass - boutique pedal board-pedal effect with Proprietary Multichannel Switcher

  • 2 SPL vitalizer

  • Spring Reverb Reverbamate with Tilt EQ and ∑ output

  • Strymon Flint Reverb+Tremolo stompbox

  • 3 OD amplifier modeler stomboxes: Tweed deluxe, Hiwatt stack, Ampeg Slatestoned, tonestacks

  • Passive DI box multipurpose sowter ISO EMO

  • 4 Active Fet DI Boxes mono & stereo Martiaudio

  • Mic Combiner EMO sowter with 2x active Fet DIs

  • LaBox, DiBoX-ReAmP Box superb tones

  • Radial red box JDX Amp DI


Audio ADC - DAC converters:

  • 18 Lynx Aurora 16  LT-TB Thunderbolt 192KHz-24bits - Audient iD4

  • Custom Made combi line level Attenuator/soft clipper XLR Barrels

  • Harrison MixBus 32c & Logic Pro X

  • Virtual drums BFD and more.. rehearsal BeatBuddy stompbox

  • NORD STAGE2 SW73 keyboard

  • Allen & Heath SQ5 with plug ins packs and 2412 stageBox



  • EBS Reidmar Bass amp - Barefaced super 12 Twin, Barefaced 110

  • 3 Tube Amp Single Ended Tweed style - Traynor Bassmate with Parametric EQ insert - Tonemachine® 2xpush pull

  • 6  Guitars 2x stratocaster relic, Telecaster, LesPaul P.Green tone, DeHarmond Guilt 335 style, Seagull Acoustic Parlor

  • 5 Marcus Miller SIRE J.Bass, Custom handmade Musicman Sabre 79', Yamaha BB Fretless p/j, Yamaha BB Aguilar p/j, P bass flatwound.

  • Gretsch Lapsteel..


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